Executive Board

SOSEA is governed by the Executive Board, who are volunteers elected from within the community. The Board has a two-year time limit and it provides governance and sets strategic directions for the association.

Chairperson – Mr. Clement Laila

With over 20 years of experience in the community field, Mr. Laila has demonstrated his administration and managerial skills in a range of roles, such as being the Chairperson of the Council of Elders, Chairperson of the Pojulu Community in Victoria and Vice-Chairperson of SOSEA.

Mr. Laila began his migrant journey in a refuge camp in Kenya (Ifo Refugee Camp) in 1995. While at the refugee camp, Mr. Laila was involved in many community activities. Mr. Laila has excellent communications skills, time management, integrity and has build a strong working rapport with the other community leaders and members of the community.

Since migrating to Australia in 2004, Mr. Laila has been fully involved in church and community activities. He believes in the progressive adoption of new ideas for community development, unity of Equatorians, establishing relationship within all levels of the community. Mr. Laila holds diplomas in Business, Management, Community Services and a Certificate in Disability Services. Mr. Laila works as a Disability support worker.

Secretary General - Mr. John (Bosco) Owani

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Mr Owani, aka Bosco, has been a member of the SOSEA executive since 2013 and has served in various roles. Mr Owani is passionate about volunteering for the community and especially supporting the youth. Apart from speaking English and Juba Arabic, Mr Owani speaks more than 10 other African languages.

Assistant Secretary General - Miss Decha (Ille) Lolik

Assistant Secretary for Social Affairs – vacant

Chair-lady for Women Affairs – Ms. Nana Zakayu

Chairperson for Youth Affairs - Mr. Godwil Soma

Secretary for Sports - Mr. William Jambi

Public Officer – Mr. Denis Dogale

Secretary for Information - Mr. Mahajoub Otir

Assistant Secretary for Information - Mr. Jacob Gifty