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Try, Test and Learn Fund

The Australian Government has allocated $96.1 million to assist people who are at risk of long-term reliance on welfare into stable, sustainable employment.

The Fund is not a traditional Government funding round; the submission process has been designed with stakeholder input to be accessible, transparent, collaborative and supportive of innovation.

The Fund will target people who may have the capacity to work and are at risk of long-term welfare dependency. In the first tranche of the Fund, the groups to be targeted are young carers, young parents and young students at risk of long-term unemployment.

The Try, Test and Learn Fund Handbook provides detailed information about how the Fund works, including the submission process and how ideas will be selected for further co-development and funding. You should also read the accompanying Questions and Answers which provide further clarification on the Handbook information.

Once you are ready to submit your ideas, visit the Submit an idea page.

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